Friday, January 27, 2012

The Evolution of Jeans!!


These days some trends last longer than others. Im sure we can all recall a few short lived brands that just didn't seem to make the cut. From your Fubu's, Cross Color, IceBerg, Coogi, Evisu, Red Monkey, etc... Well in recent times, the leader in the jeans industry amongst the urban community has been True Religion. Which I must say they do make quite an impressive piece of denim! However in recent talks as well as songs, the urban core seems to be heading into an all new direction. Behold, the next hot new trend on the streets, "Robin Jeans." Yea.. I know you're probably thinking what I was thinking... Who the hell is  Robin? Well if you DON'T know I think its time we catch you up on game. If you're interested in cop'n some of these joints, be prepared to spend a pretty penny! The prices start off at $300 a pair!! Yikes!!

Robin’s Jean product line features Men’s, Women’s and Kid’s. The brand has made it mark worldwide with flattering cuts, exquisite washes, intricate details, interesting stitching, embroidery, and novel allure. Robin’s Jean’s unique signature, a set of wings, is a reflection of the designer’s playful, warm energy and his childhood dreams.

With high demand, Robin’s Jean has quickly grown a celebrity and fashion insider’s fan base and has been seen on the likes of Alicia Keys, Kim Kardashian and Selita E Banks to name a few.

Marilyn – Bardot – Rita – Robins’ Jean is an homage to old school cinema chic – when men rode motorcycles and women reveled in sexy banter. His high quality and classic cuts live in the moment and continue to grow with the trends. They have sex appeal and feel as if you are wearing nothing. With movement, flow and elegance, Robin’s Jeans over ride the need for pomp and circumstance, and place value on comfort, construction and distinction.

“To make a women feel sexy, yet comfortable, as if she were in her own skin that is the goal of Robins’ Jean. It’s all in the fit. I have designed this product with French influences on sensuality and quality, but with the heart and soul of American denim.” - Robin Chretien 

Rihanna | Kim Kardashian | Alicia Keys | Nelly

I Don't think I'll ever be owning a pair of these bad boys... well, unless they are donated to me lmao!!

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