Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Marcus Manchild v.s. ASAP Rocky

Just a few days into the new year and the abundance of good music is still at an all time high. 2012 XXL Freshmen nominee Marcus Manchild is notorious for showing his hometown much love. Using the instrumental to ASAP Rocky‘s Purple Swag, Manchild addresses all the artists who are quick to imitate the coined Houston sound but not show homage to where it originated.

“What you know about the Swisha House, Rap-a-Lot, Dope House [Records], Suave House [Records], and the Screwed Up Click?”

As a Texas resident and a big supporter of the music, this track definitely knocks! Can’t wait to hear what else Mr. Manchild has cookin’ up in the studio for 2012.
Enjoy Purple Swag below:

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PeppaBoy: Now it simply wouldn't be right if I didn't jump in here and throw in my 2 cents. I personally had a conversation with a few of my homeboys talking about this ASAP Rocky character before Marcus Manchild's version of "Purple Swag" had dropped. I saw the "Purple Swag" video and was completely turned off. How is this dude reppin NY but stealing our whole H-Town swag?! I simply wasn't feeling it at all. We truly have our own culture and style down here. We take pride in that. So how dare he try to commercialize our style in order to cash in? From jump street i felt like the lil dude needed a co-signer from Houston before he can try to act like he know what H-Town is all about. I couldn't do anything but jump for joy when i heard Marcus Manchild drop his own remixed version of "Purple Swag" where he pretty much takes shots at ASAP Rocky as he should! Im proud of Marcus Manchild and the city of Houston as well as the SOUTH should be as well. Salute to you homie for standing ground and letting boyz know this H-Town thang aint nothing to play with! And didn't Pimp C speaking the truth on the track just make it all the mo' official? Chuuch!!

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