Monday, January 30, 2012

 I'm sure alot of you may have caught a few episodes of MTV G's To Gents a few years back. Well one of the stars from the MTV reality show is actually a Houston native!! I got a chance to work with MTV Riff Raff not too long ago. I must say it was truly a interesting event to say the least. We had chopped it up a bit about him wanting to do a photoshoot with me so I figured it would be a good look to work with him. He came thru for the shoot and had a CERTIFIED HOTTIE with him too might add! I broke out the cups of ice and the liquor, twisted a few blunts of that ooh-wee and we got it crackin! We even kicked a few little freestyles too. A shoot with me ain't just a photoshoot, its more like a party! Since that day when we made that shoot happen, Riff Raff hasn't slowed his pace down at all! He's still in 5th gear headed to the top and hasn't hit the brakes yet. Alot of people may have listened to his music and tried to cancel him out. But he obviously doesn't take NO for answer! He may not have the dopest lyrics, and in actuality he may not even CARE to be. But I can say he knows how to make moves and make MONEY! We want to say congratulations to Riff Raff... He's actually the most recent artist signed to Soulja Boy's SODMG label! I guess hard work and persistence truly pays off! Be patient and lets see how things develop and keep your ears to the street in anticipation for his first release. #SODMG

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