Monday, January 30, 2012

Uh Oh.. Might Be A New Beef Involving Young Jeezy!!

Well we are always glad to see when a rapper returns home from their "concrete vacations." Atlanta based rapper & original member of BMF (Crime Drug ring headed by Big Meech), Bleu Davinci is officially back on the streets. Not only has he made a safe return home after a 4 plus year stint in Federal Prison, but he also has ALOT to say about some key of the key rappers of today. Bleu Davinci went on air with THISIS50RADIO where he openly discussed some issues he has with Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy. According to Bleu Davinci when the heat got hot with the whole BMF situation, Young Jeezy ducked and ran away from the negative attention by repeatedly explaining his NON involvement with the BMF family. Me personally, I would have done the same thing. It doesn't do any good for EVERYBODY to go to jail. Who's gonna stay free and keep some organization to the family? Especially when you're in a postion to make some LEGAL money and possibly clean up some dirty bills. But hey, these days I guess its in a rappers nature to start a beef in order to get some attention. Just got a little confused though, I thought they were on the same team? Don't think this is gonna die down too quickly, I'll keep my ears to the street and keep you posted to how this one plays out. I'm sure we'll hear a Jeezy response, if not that, Im sure Rick Ross will get a hold of this and run with it... Ughh!

Watch the whole interview here!!


Bleu Davinci & Big Meech (leader of BMF)

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