Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Sweetest Candy: Red_LickHerish

5Status w/ @RED_LiCKHERiSH

I recently decided I would go ahead and unleash one of my secret weapons on the world. I was fortunate to have a few run-ins with a long time friend of mine, the one and only, Houston's Own: Red_LickHerish. After months of strategizing her approach to the game, we finally took action and came full force. I can personally take a bow after knowingly being the first photographer to bless her game. She allowed me to do her first debut photoshoot with her, and her career has now truly sky rocketed into the atmosphere. In a short while she has already been able to accumulate a long list of credits in just a short time by working with some of the biggest names in the industry. She is also now an offical 2x Worldstar Eye Candy model as well! You guys be sure to keep your ears locked and your eyes peeled, you're definitely in for a treat with the sexy sweet "Red_LickHerish"... (Interview Coming Soon!!)

WorldStar Hip Hop Uncut Video #1

WorldStar Hip Hop Uncut Video #2

Photography: PeppaBoy Photos
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  1. Houston has too damn many fine bitches, That town!!!!