Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lil Wayne's New Clothing Line


Finally unleashed after long talks of releasing his debut clothing line to the world. Rapper Lil Wayne has officially unveiled his new skateboard apparel clothing line; TrukFit Clothing. At first glance, the name left many confused and wondering where the idea derived from. I must say, it was pretty strange to select such a name and even more odd once I saw the logo. Which is a a silhouette of what appears to be a large delivery truck. I did a little bit of research and looked further into the new hot topic, only to find some very interesting aspects of this new line. I saw a video in which Lil Wayne gave an explanation for choosing such a creative name. In the video Lil Wayne said that growing up people from the hood would steal clothes from the back of delivery trucks that would be scheduled to deliver clothing to stores in order to put together their outfits, hence the term "truck fit". After visiting the newly launched website though, I noticed something that made ALOT more sense and gave a more authentic reasoning for why the hardcore street rapper would choose "TrukFit" to represent his brand. When you go to the website you are hit with a barrage of words and pages and links. But if you take the time to read the words that are in RED, you take on a whole new meaning for the acronym "TrukFit". You then get what I think was Lil Wayne's TRUE meaning of the name, "The Reason U Kill For It". Think Im just making things up? Take a look for your self and visit the new website at the link below. Now besides the mystery behind the name, I can say the designs are pretty trendy and will more than likely become a new popular wave. I mean hey, what does Lil Wayne touch these days that DOESN'T seem to sell? My best advice to you, purchase a few items and be the FIRST to hit the streets wearing TrukFit in your area!

The Official Website: TrukFit Clothing
Follow Lil Wayne on Twitter: @LilTuneChi

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