Friday, June 28, 2013

PeppaBoy Films Presents: A Tribute To DJ Screw... JUNE 27th 2013 - SCREW DAY!!

PeppaBoy Films Presents: A Tribute To DJ Screw... JUNE 27th 2013

June 27, 2013 was a Screwed up day in Houston! Not in a bad way though, in a cheerful fun filled fashion huge numbers of patriotic Screwheads (fans and supporters of Dj Screw) crowded the lounge adjacent Warehouse Live. Standing shoulder to shoulder the crowd stood body rocking from left to right as artist and bystanders took turns passing the microphone and spitting freestyles. Truly bringing back the vibe and essence of what we all vision it was like to actually be at DJ Screw's home while he was on the 1's & 2's. There were smiles and laughter as local artist interacted with each other and fans by taking pictures, shaking hands and giving hugs. The event being sponsored by Ciroc only made it that much better, considering it was an open bar event and they kept the vodka coming! It was truly a sight for sore eyes and a heart touching event to not only see the city come out, but all of Texas and fans from abroad as well. After the June 27th even the party migrated to Screwed Up Records & Tapes, the SUC store & headquarters where they were broadcasting live on Optimo Radio with SUC's D-Moe and were given an opportunity to wish him Happy Birthday and engage in freestyles live on air. Today was truly a day to remember. An honorable DJ Screw Day. Happy Birthday to D-Moe (from the legendary June 27th Freestyle). Shoutout to the whole Screwed Up Click, to E.S.G., Killa Kyleon, Will Lean, Chris Ward, Dat Boi T, Doughbeezy, DJ Red, Terresa, SF2, Propain, DJ Mr Rogers, GT Garza, Young G, Hoodstar Chantz, Young Quis, Mookie Jones, DJ Buddha, Stickygreen, King Kyle Lee, & everybody else that was there that i forgot to name!! Much love to ya'll folks! 

Rest In Peace DJ Screw! 


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