Friday, June 21, 2013

Chief Kief Just Can't Keep Dem Folks Off Him.. Arrested Twice In 20 Minutes!!

Chief Keef Was Arrested On A Trespassing Charge Shortly After Leaving Court!

Man I know how dat feel when them people in ya life like that. Im dealing with issues NOW! So trust me Chief Keef we feel ya pain! Keep on droppin hits tho and getting ya paper. They hate to see a young black cat with money. Especially when he dont abide by their rules and act the way they want him to act. Keep bucking the system just dont get ya hands too dirty cuz they can't wait to hide you away. Its Macaroni Time!!! Okay I did have one thing to say tho! You do have to be a lil more discreet about how ya homie pull up to scoop you from the jailhouse tho. They had a swisher box just right there in the dash n everything. I just knew any second i was gon see the driver pass that dude a blunt or sumn haha.. I hope he aint pick up no new charge when they pulled him over 2 blocks later.. Yikes!! 

Chief Keef 
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