Thursday, June 20, 2013

PeppaBoy Photos Presents:Behind the Scenes Vol. 5 "Southside Faded"

PeppaBoy Photos Presents:Behind the Scenes Vol. 5 "Southside Faded" 

PeppaBoy live & Direct just flippin n dippin thru the H-Town. Had to stop by n holla at the homies off that Nawf ova there off 9700 Mesa Rd. Be sure to lookout for music coming from dat boy "Finesse". Also I was kickin it wit everybody at the Screw Shop (R.I.P. DJ Screw) over off W.Fuqua just keepin it hood. Behind the scenes at the video shoot for the Dat Boi T featuring Doughbeezy & Young G. Much luv to Doughbeezy for hollin' at ya'll one time. Also shout out to SF2, the homie Dre', & and CoolDaddy of PlayaMade Visuals. Also when ya'll get ready to get that OG Southside fade wit that custom swag be sure to get at my homie Chale de Barber! Ain't nobody fuckin wit him on the Southside Fade!! Dont get yo shit fucked off homie!! Much luv to everybody dat was featured. We still grinding baby so more coming soon! Stay Tuned!


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