Friday, June 21, 2013

Iggy Azalea's Interview on Breakfast Club.. Not Really Feeling her personally..

Iggy Azalea Interview w/ The Breakfast Club! Girls Giving Head For Red Bottoms? Relationship With A$AP Rocky, Falling Back From T.I. & Working With Him Again..

She's cool and all.. and i did see one video where she was doing an in-studio performance spitting pretty hard. But I guess its something about that accent that just make me feel like she phony. I have no clue where she from, Australia or some shit, and i dont really feel like personally wasting the time out of my life to google n find out. Anyways, if anybody just HAS to fill in a "white girl rapper" void in their life, I can at least say she's better than all them West Coast rapper chics like V-Nasty & Krayshawn. So hey, to each its own.. Oh but lastly let me DO say this, she is a BAD white girl! She aint just super DUPER fine, and she do look like somebody need to lock her outside the house in her draws so she can get some mandatory SUN, but she still could get it! 


Azalean Queen. Wilhelmina Model. BOOKING:

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