Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Trill Tech Domeless Titanium Nail @ The ErrlShop

PeppaBoy Presents: Trill Tech Domeless Titanium Nail @ The ErrlShop 

PeppaBoy was lucky to get a chance to have a sit down with the CEO & Owner of Trill Technology & the developer of this highly educated Titanium Domeless Nail. These domeless nails are truly the future of smoking. When we were kids we were stoked when we came across a bag of dirt reggie, we grew to be teens and started smoking hydro, and now as adults, we have the pleasure of enjoying these new wax's & budders!! Today I was able to get a full display of the "BICK NAIL" by Trill Tech. "J-Gold" gave me a step by step on smoking wax, a description of his revolutionary nail, a preview of some GREAT wax from the indica DeathStar strain. I've personally tried the other nails that require the glass to go over the top, i've seen the plates, and I honestly have to say that these domeless nails are by far the best for smoking wax, hash oils, or budders. Check it out for yourself and you be the judge! Special thanks to "J-Gold" & Trill Tech Domeless Nails. SMOKE ON!!

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