Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Actress Paige Hurd (Everybody Hates Chris) Working it Out! NEW 90 DAY CHALLENGE

Actress Paige Hurd from "Everybody Hates Chris" has a new 90 Day Workout Plan! And she's a HOTTIE if I must say so myself!

This workout plan looks hard as shit haha.. I can't lie it would probably even give me a lil burn if i tried it out. But luckily I dont have to worry about that, cuz im not! I'll stick to my routine kush-ups! As for little Ms. Paige Hurd though! My how she has grown! I know you probably remember her from that Everybody Hates Chris show where she was Chris' crush from next door. Well now she is LEGAL! So have no worries fellas its okay to look now. I actually thought she was young, until i saw this video and googled her to find out she's a cool 20 years old. Ya'll remember what Pimp C said bout them young yella bones haha.. Okay let me stop, no disrespect Paige you know i luv ya!! Oh and RIP Pimp C! On that note im gone! 
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Paige Hurde

- Peppa

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