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PeppaBoy Films Presents: A Tribute To DJ Screw... JUNE 27th 2013 - SCREW DAY!!

PeppaBoy Films Presents: A Tribute To DJ Screw... JUNE 27th 2013

June 27, 2013 was a Screwed up day in Houston! Not in a bad way though, in a cheerful fun filled fashion huge numbers of patriotic Screwheads (fans and supporters of Dj Screw) crowded the lounge adjacent Warehouse Live. Standing shoulder to shoulder the crowd stood body rocking from left to right as artist and bystanders took turns passing the microphone and spitting freestyles. Truly bringing back the vibe and essence of what we all vision it was like to actually be at DJ Screw's home while he was on the 1's & 2's. There were smiles and laughter as local artist interacted with each other and fans by taking pictures, shaking hands and giving hugs. The event being sponsored by Ciroc only made it that much better, considering it was an open bar event and they kept the vodka coming! It was truly a sight for sore eyes and a heart touching event to not only see the city come out, but all of Texas and fans from abroad as well. After the June 27th even the party migrated to Screwed Up Records & Tapes, the SUC store & headquarters where they were broadcasting live on Optimo Radio with SUC's D-Moe and were given an opportunity to wish him Happy Birthday and engage in freestyles live on air. Today was truly a day to remember. An honorable DJ Screw Day. Happy Birthday to D-Moe (from the legendary June 27th Freestyle). Shoutout to the whole Screwed Up Click, to E.S.G., Killa Kyleon, Will Lean, Chris Ward, Dat Boi T, Doughbeezy, DJ Red, Terresa, SF2, Propain, DJ Mr Rogers, GT Garza, Young G, Hoodstar Chantz, Young Quis, Mookie Jones, DJ Buddha, Stickygreen, King Kyle Lee, & everybody else that was there that i forgot to name!! Much love to ya'll folks! 

Rest In Peace DJ Screw! 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"The Rock" Shows Us His Hercules Diet!!

The Rocks Beasty New Workout Plan"The Hercules" Got Him Lookin Like A Monster
Dont know if you saw the newest Fast & Furious, or if you saw that movie The Rock was in about steroids, but this fool is looking like a damn guerrilla lately!! 

Uhhh.. Ya okay! This fool eats like 10 whole meals a day! That do give part of the reason as to why he so humungous, but he forgot to mention his daily dose of STEROIDS! Come on my dude, aint no way anybody just morphs into a damn dinosaur! This nigga finna rip out his own skin. But its all good tho, i guess some people into that. 

- Peppa


LMAO!! Ya this is good stuff.. I thought Iggy was the only one that got the short end of the stick.. Look like whoever it is, that had WAY too much time on they hands was, decided to go at all the top hip hop names..  Oh well, life goes on. Just funny when you see them on video today talking about how they love that artist they talked down on. SMH.. entertainment.. 

- Peppa

Trill Tech Domeless Titanium Nail @ The ErrlShop

PeppaBoy Presents: Trill Tech Domeless Titanium Nail @ The ErrlShop 

PeppaBoy was lucky to get a chance to have a sit down with the CEO & Owner of Trill Technology & the developer of this highly educated Titanium Domeless Nail. These domeless nails are truly the future of smoking. When we were kids we were stoked when we came across a bag of dirt reggie, we grew to be teens and started smoking hydro, and now as adults, we have the pleasure of enjoying these new wax's & budders!! Today I was able to get a full display of the "BICK NAIL" by Trill Tech. "J-Gold" gave me a step by step on smoking wax, a description of his revolutionary nail, a preview of some GREAT wax from the indica DeathStar strain. I've personally tried the other nails that require the glass to go over the top, i've seen the plates, and I honestly have to say that these domeless nails are by far the best for smoking wax, hash oils, or budders. Check it out for yourself and you be the judge! Special thanks to "J-Gold" & Trill Tech Domeless Nails. SMOKE ON!!

The ErrlShop

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J Cole Showing Htown Love - Brings Out Slim Thug, Bun B, Kirko Bangz, & Trae The Truth

J Cole Performing In Houston @ House of Blues & Brings Out Kirko Bangz, Slim Thug, Bun B & Trae The Truth #ScrewLuv

Its nice to see J Cole is showing love to Htown while he was out here performing. Alot of times we feel disrespected when artist from other places come to our city without taking the time to learn about our culture and to tip their hat to our hometown music legends. You can't go to a city and not show love to the streets, thats how rappers get they chains snatched and all that kinda madness. So much luv to J-Cole for representing for our Htown artist. So big S/O to Houston's own Bun B, Trae The Truth, Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz and also to Kendrick Lamar. Ya I know i said legends, and Kirko ain't quite a legend yet, but he is on the rise and hopefully in a few years he'll be on that same pedestal. Ya'll be sure to go pick up that new J Cole album: Born Sinner

- Peppa

Behind The Scenes: Wale (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J) - Clappers

Nicki Minaj Lookin FANTABALOUS In Wale's "Clappers" Video w/ Juicy J - Behind The Scenes

Okay first off shout out to Wale and much congrats on wrapping up his new project THE GIFTED! So everybody be sure to get out to the stores and pick that up or log on to iTunes! Also wuddup to Juicy J, always nun but love to the OG! Be sure to check out one of my previus post from a few days ago to check out that new bangin track he released as well!! NOW, onto to bigger and better things... Nicki's bootay!! Good lawd, I swear ya'll just dont know that is my wife in a future life! My squeeze in my dreams! My boo when im in woo! haha Okay let me stop. Really though, I know ya'll seen her lookin like a bag of money in this behind the scenes look at Wale's Clapper video! Ya i know everybody wanna hate n say the cakes aint real, but in all honesty, who gives a damn. I come accross fake booties all the time, but Nicki got dat million dollar mm mm mmm.. haha! 
((Screw ya'll hating!))

- Peppa

Actress Paige Hurd (Everybody Hates Chris) Working it Out! NEW 90 DAY CHALLENGE

Actress Paige Hurd from "Everybody Hates Chris" has a new 90 Day Workout Plan! And she's a HOTTIE if I must say so myself!

This workout plan looks hard as shit haha.. I can't lie it would probably even give me a lil burn if i tried it out. But luckily I dont have to worry about that, cuz im not! I'll stick to my routine kush-ups! As for little Ms. Paige Hurd though! My how she has grown! I know you probably remember her from that Everybody Hates Chris show where she was Chris' crush from next door. Well now she is LEGAL! So have no worries fellas its okay to look now. I actually thought she was young, until i saw this video and googled her to find out she's a cool 20 years old. Ya'll remember what Pimp C said bout them young yella bones haha.. Okay let me stop, no disrespect Paige you know i luv ya!! Oh and RIP Pimp C! On that note im gone! 
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Paige Hurde

- Peppa


Let this be a lesson to all young rappers out there - don't F*CK with Nicki Minaj. It all started when some fan dug up an old tweet where Iggy was SHADING NICKI over her performance at the 2010 BET Awards. Nicki caught wind of the THREE YEAR OLD slick talk and READ DAT HEAUX on Twitter.
Anyways - Iggy basically had to get on her knees and BEG for Nicki's forgiveness - which she apparently got. Nicki DELETED her angry tweets after reading Iggy's apology.
courtesy of MTO

Yea, I know what you thinking. This is crazy. Why would Nicki even care about this shit if its 3 years old? Ya, but at the same time we all got feelings too. So seeing as how im almost POSITIVE Iggy has probably reached out for a record from Nicki, she probably just was erked at how she would talk down on a social network back in the day, and then be kissing ass to be friends now. I feel her hell, I'd prolly just act like I never knew though and play that person accordingly. Iggy do seem kinda wack to me though. I actually had just blogged about her a few days back if you caught hold to that post. Looks like Iggy better keep her ass overseas tryna do her rap thing, cuz thanks to Nicki, I dont see no future in it mama.. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Video on Instagram is offical!!

Yezzirr!! Now There Is Video On Instagram! Goodbye Vine!!

Yep thats right! Prepare to see all sorts of funny and exciting videos on Instagram! All you have to do is simply update your current version and voila! So to all of those bandwagon hoppers that took the time out to download that Vine app, looks like it was a waste of time. Instagram may not have beat Vine to the punch, they have most definitely landed the bigger blow! They have introduced all sorts of new video filters to make your colors and styles of your videos just that more vibrant! Go ahead and get started today, I know I did!! haha  ((Yes people, im sure you will see all types of booty's twurking down your timelines now.. sorry its life!))


Chief Kief Just Can't Keep Dem Folks Off Him.. Arrested Twice In 20 Minutes!!

Chief Keef Was Arrested On A Trespassing Charge Shortly After Leaving Court!

Man I know how dat feel when them people in ya life like that. Im dealing with issues NOW! So trust me Chief Keef we feel ya pain! Keep on droppin hits tho and getting ya paper. They hate to see a young black cat with money. Especially when he dont abide by their rules and act the way they want him to act. Keep bucking the system just dont get ya hands too dirty cuz they can't wait to hide you away. Its Macaroni Time!!! Okay I did have one thing to say tho! You do have to be a lil more discreet about how ya homie pull up to scoop you from the jailhouse tho. They had a swisher box just right there in the dash n everything. I just knew any second i was gon see the driver pass that dude a blunt or sumn haha.. I hope he aint pick up no new charge when they pulled him over 2 blocks later.. Yikes!! 

Chief Keef 
 OBLOCK #GBE Booking Info : 773-209-2866 
Folla my Youngins
@FredoSantana300 @Sd_Gbe300 @GBE_TADOE @LilReese300@Gbe_Ballout @Capo_Gbe300 @TraySavage300 Interscope Records ·

We Trippy Mayne!! Always Good To Get A Fresh Jammer From The OG Juicy J! [[New Video]]

Juicy J (Feat. The Weeknd) - One Of Those Nights

Juicy J's Stay Trippy album coming soon

juicy j one of those nights download the weeknd
The Weeknd kills his feature on this cut, from Juicy’s upcoming album Stay Trippy.

Iggy Azalea's Interview on Breakfast Club.. Not Really Feeling her personally..

Iggy Azalea Interview w/ The Breakfast Club! Girls Giving Head For Red Bottoms? Relationship With A$AP Rocky, Falling Back From T.I. & Working With Him Again..

She's cool and all.. and i did see one video where she was doing an in-studio performance spitting pretty hard. But I guess its something about that accent that just make me feel like she phony. I have no clue where she from, Australia or some shit, and i dont really feel like personally wasting the time out of my life to google n find out. Anyways, if anybody just HAS to fill in a "white girl rapper" void in their life, I can at least say she's better than all them West Coast rapper chics like V-Nasty & Krayshawn. So hey, to each its own.. Oh but lastly let me DO say this, she is a BAD white girl! She aint just super DUPER fine, and she do look like somebody need to lock her outside the house in her draws so she can get some mandatory SUN, but she still could get it! 


Azalean Queen. Wilhelmina Model. BOOKING:

Lil Snupe, 18 Yr. Old Rapper Signed With Meek Millz Is Brutally Murdered

R.I.P. Lil Snupe Trends, Reports Say Rapper Shot In Dice Game

Twitter is abuzz with “RIP Lil Snupe” messages after the rapper and protege of Meek Mill was reportedly shot dead.
Lil Snupe’s death was reported through hip hop sites on the web, and site stupidDOPE says that, as of now, little is known about the incident:

“It is with a heavy heart that we at stupidDOPE announce the untimely death of the young MC known to the world as Lil’ Snupe. Snupe, who had just recently signed with Meek Mill’s Dreamcatcher’s imprint, was the victim of senseless violence last night and ultimately lost his life.”
HotNewHipHop adds that Lil Snupe had just turned 18 this month and that Meek Mill and Snupe’s manager confirmed that he had been killed:
“Lil Snupe, 18 years old (he just had his birthday seven days ago), was reportedly shot dead, news which has been confirmed by his manager, Leem7st, on Twitter. Meek Mill also tweeted about Snupe early this morning, obviously in disbelief. There are very few details available at the moment, but we’ll keep you informed once more news on Snupe’s death surfaces.”
As both sites note, Leem7st has not provided details on Lil Snupe’s death, simply tweeting once about the 18-year-old’s death before going silent on Twitter.
Snupe’s manager posted the tweet but did not elaborate, and others commenting on the post alleged that Lil Snupe had been killed in a conflict over a dice game — but that allegation has not been acknowledged nor confirmed by anyone close to the up and coming rapper.

Courtesy of:


Published on Jun 21, 2013
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PeppaBoy Photos Presents:Behind the Scenes Vol. 5 "Southside Faded"

PeppaBoy Photos Presents:Behind the Scenes Vol. 5 "Southside Faded" 

PeppaBoy live & Direct just flippin n dippin thru the H-Town. Had to stop by n holla at the homies off that Nawf ova there off 9700 Mesa Rd. Be sure to lookout for music coming from dat boy "Finesse". Also I was kickin it wit everybody at the Screw Shop (R.I.P. DJ Screw) over off W.Fuqua just keepin it hood. Behind the scenes at the video shoot for the Dat Boi T featuring Doughbeezy & Young G. Much luv to Doughbeezy for hollin' at ya'll one time. Also shout out to SF2, the homie Dre', & and CoolDaddy of PlayaMade Visuals. Also when ya'll get ready to get that OG Southside fade wit that custom swag be sure to get at my homie Chale de Barber! Ain't nobody fuckin wit him on the Southside Fade!! Dont get yo shit fucked off homie!! Much luv to everybody dat was featured. We still grinding baby so more coming soon! Stay Tuned!


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@illFadedGorbea (twitter/instagram)
@Doughbeezy (twitter/instagram)
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Dat Boi T - "Tha Slow Lane Chronicles" [Episode 1] - PeppaBoy Films

Dat Boi T - "Tha Slow Lane Chronicles" [Episode 1]

Dat Boi T introduces his new VLOG series "Tha Slow Lane Chronicles"
In this first episode tha "Screwed Up Essay" takes you with him behind the scenes of getting "Swangers" put on correctly and what happens when you don't.
Special Thanks to Texan Wire Wheels & Aztec Custom Wheels.
Follow @ItzDatBoiT
Episode 2 Coming Soon..
Shot & Edited by "PeppaBoy Films"

Behind the scenes with DAT BOI T - Houston's "Screwed Up Essay". Flipping through the city with Dat Boi T on his mission to put new shoes on his whip. Cadillac CTS with the Screw Blue paint! Its only right that an Htown Legend ride on Htown legendary wheels! Not just any wheels, but Texan Wire Wheels (@TexanWireWheels)! Also much love to Aztec Machine Shop (AztecCustomWheels) for working on the wheels n making sure Dat Boi T stays Cadillac smooth! We dont do no shaking & clacking baby!! S/O to @Luck0713 for the cameo as well DJ Noble & Gold Toes

Shot & Directed: PeppaBoy Films

Dat Boi T@itzDatBoiT

Texan Wire Wheels

Aztec Machine Shop (Aztec Custom Wheels)
Address: 213 Gulf Bank Rd, Houston, TX 77037
Phone:(281) 405-9200

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