Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hip-Hop OG and Houston Native Rapper Scarface does Lunch w/ Munchies

Salute to the Houston OG rap artist "Scarface" and "Munchies" for an inside look with the artist and his outlook on the rap game today. As well as glimpse into the past that will take you down a hip-hop memory lane. All this while Scarface and "Munchies" William Cooper engage in an artistic cuisine type lunch in Austin,TX. Was a great story, and the food looked GREAT! Come on Scarface next time we need you to try more different food!! haha

VICE's very own Wilbert Cooper sits down for lunch with Geto Boys rapper, Scarface, one of the greatest lyricists of our time. Over a Mexican lunch at Mission Cantina (prepared by chef Zach Swemle), Scarface talks about his career, trends in the modern day rap scene, and his new album, Deeply Rooted. Although Scarface wasn't totally down with the unconventional lunch fare—like raw beef heart—in the beginning, he did enjoy "whatever the fuck this is" by the end.

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